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This program will help the person gain knowledge about the Ayurvedic view on the food, factors related to food and Ayurvedic menu planning.The takers of this course can benefit by improving the quality of his/her life by practicing the diet and also help others by and advising the diet in accordance with one�s constitution.
    Methodology   -  

The course is offered in 5 modules which will be conducted through lectures, and interactive sessions.

    Duration   -  

6 days � 6 hrs/day


  -   1. A brief insight about the basic/ fundamental principles used in ayurveda
2. Ayurvedic Concept of Foods and drinks
3. Quantity of Food & the concept of ama/ formation of toxins
4. Nature of Food Materials as per Ayurveda
5. Eat According to One�s Body Type / Prakruti
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This program is basically designed for food lovers and to those who are interested in cooking.The course will give you a brief idea on the ayurvedic properties of various spices, vegetables and the methods of blending them to make dishes.
    Methodology   -  

The course is offered mostly through demonstration classes and a few lecture classes

    Duration   -  

5 days � 4 hrs/day

Curriculum   -   1. Basic Concepts in Ayurveda
2. Rasa- The Taste in Ayurveda
3. Spices � A tour through the various spices used in our kitchen
4. Recipes � The ingredients and importance of each recipe
5. Seasonal Drinks
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