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Success of Ayurvedic treatment depends on the authenticity of Padachathushtaya. Professionally trained Ayurveda Therapists are the necessity of the success of Ayurveda therapies. Unlimited opportunities are there for such qualified therapists. Hence the Academy is conducting a one month training programe with an objective to Generate quality Therapists to perform Ayurveda Therapies in the most authentic & professional manner for the benefit of mankind.
Methodology   -   This is a condensed form of Panchakarma therapies exclusively designed for therapists from outside Kerala. This programe is mainly beneficial for those who are working in SPA field. (Medium of Instruction is English.)
Duration   -   1 month - 6 days a week, (Theory 80 hrs , practical - 70 hours)
Eligibility   -  
Curriculum   -  
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